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With over 100 million records sold, 9 Brit Awards and 7 Grammys, Coldplay is an iconic, alternative rock band with hit songs like Viva La Vida, Hymn For The Weekend, Paradise, The Scientist, Fix You, Adventure Of A Lifetime and Yellow. The band's legendary catalogue also includes eight #1 albums: Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, Viva la Vida, Mylo Xyloto, Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams, as well as popular collaborations like Something Just Like This with The Chainsmokers and Princess of China featuring Rihanna. Their new single, Higher Power, is out now!

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3:34Coldplay -  Higher Power (Official Behind The Scenes)
3:35Coldplay - Higher Power (Official Acoustic Version)
Coldplay - Higher Power (Official Acoustic Version)Visualizações 637 mil8 dias atrás
4:17Coldplay - Higher Power (Official Video)
Coldplay - Higher Power (Official Video)Visualizações 11 mi15 dias atrás
3:30Coldplay - Higher Power (Live At Worthy Farm)
Coldplay - Higher Power (Live At Worthy Farm)Visualizações 1,2 miMês atrás
3:32Coldplay - Higher Power (Official Lyric Video)
Coldplay - Higher Power (Official Lyric Video)Visualizações 1,5 miMês atrás
4:35Coldplay - Trouble In Town (Live for #iHeartFestival2020)
58:16Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan
Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in JordanVisualizações 10 mi10 meses atrás
27:15Together At Home Chris Martin (8 May 2020)
Together At Home Chris Martin (8 May 2020)Visualizações 1,4 miAnos atrás
30:29#TogetherAtHome Chris Martin
#TogetherAtHome Chris MartinVisualizações 2,6 miAnos atrás
6:10Coldplay - Trouble In Town (Official Video)
Coldplay - Trouble In Town (Official Video)Visualizações 3,8 miAnos atrás
4:18Coldplay - Champion Of The World (Official Video)
3:34Coldplay - Cry Cry Cry (Official Video)
Coldplay - Cry Cry Cry (Official Video)Visualizações 8 miAnos atrás
4:42Coldplay - Daddy (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - Daddy (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 1,6 miAnos atrás
1:30Coldplay - WOTW/POTP (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - WOTW/POTP (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 120 milAnos atrás
2:45Coldplay - BrokEn (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - BrokEn (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 235 milAnos atrás
2:08Coldplay - When I Need A Friend (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - When I Need A Friend (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 682 milAnos atrás
3:31Coldplay - بنی آدم  (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - بنی آدم (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 297 milAnos atrás
3:10Coldplay - Cry Cry Cry (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - Cry Cry Cry (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 1,2 miAnos atrás
2:32Coldplay - Old Friends (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - Old Friends (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 319 milAnos atrás
3:41Coldplay - Everyday Life (Live In Jordan)
Coldplay - Everyday Life (Live In Jordan)Visualizações 1,8 miAnos atrás
2:33Coldplay - Sunrise (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - Sunrise (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 252 milAnos atrás
2:12Coldplay - Guns (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - Guns (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 338 milAnos atrás
4:04Coldplay - Church (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - Church (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 2 miAnos atrás
6:22Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Video)
Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Video)Visualizações 12 miAnos atrás
3:08Coldplay - Èkó (Live in Jordan)
Coldplay - Èkó (Live in Jordan)Visualizações 503 milAnos atrás


  • The perfect mix of the 80s and the 2010/2020s.

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  • This is Mantin's band, not ColdPlay.....

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  • por que eres un cielo lleno de estrellas

  • 😢J'ai les larmes aux yeux tellement c'est émouvant d'entendre Le Public Chanté en duo avec Coldplay 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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  • What a great idea to work with Ambiguous Dance Company! I love this combination, Coldplay !!

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  • Coldplay x Ambiguous Dance Company 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • It's so wierd listening to normal version of this song xD

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  • Who came here from BTS?

  • I feel proud while watching this video may be because how well and accurately they pottered india and indian culture.. thenk u for making this song.

  • Extasis creativo. Dionisismo

  • Just heard the true meaning of the song the pain and loss of his partners loved father touching story much aroha from New Zealand 🇳🇿 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼💯💯

  • 00:29

  • i have always been a fan of this song but i heard it in audio so today after seeing this i realized i loved india more than i thought, i finally know my brides country. LOVE TO INDIA FROM EGYPT

  • The movie Tenet was inspired by this video.

  • this music video is so 2004

  • Mysterious quantum on magical movements and spheres,,,,

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  • I just love these lyrics!!!Love from Pakistan

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  • Back at 2001 the song who first vibin me to hard...

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  • undercover boss anyone?

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  • Anyone else here going through a break up in 2021?

  • One of my favourite songs and my favourite band, I’ve listened to Coldplay all my life and their songs never get old 🙂👍🏻

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    • im listening to this is 2022, im not a legend :(

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  • Why is this in reverse?

  • This is the best Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie.

  • I met the song by alan walker

  • I will try to fix you 💔😭

  • When you lose something, you can't replace. I felt that💔

  • Came here because of BTS’s cover and saw comments kinda arguing and it makes me sad. This song is supposed to heal people and comfort people and BTS covered it because they also love this song and want to share with their fans. No matter you like their cover or not, I’m sure people come to this original song for comfort and I don’t think arguing about anything in the comment section will be appropriate. As a BTS fans myself, I knew this song before they covered it and I loved it already. And as a fan of many western musicians and singers I also like Coldplay’s songs very much. Don’t be mad when people say they didn’t know Coldplay and came here because of BTS. That is the truth and some of you should try to see that there’s no perfect band that EVERYONE in the world all know. It should be a great thing that people can get to know the original singers or musicians from a cover song. Nothing but RESPECT and LOVE for both BTS and Coldplay❤️❤️ Have a nice day everyone!☀️

  • Can someone explain why everyone is praying for India ? I actually have no clue of what happened

  • the dislikes come from people who decided to evolve to crab

  • The best song eveeeer speciali whit willyrex

  • 2021 👀👀


  • It´s very cool!!!

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  • p ninggalin sendal biar kagak lupa ama ni lagu

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  • 1.4B Views. I'm one of them.

  • " When you are too in love to let it go"😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 toxic relationship but scared to let go

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