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28:06Weekend Warm Up! 2021 Styrian Grand Prix
Weekend Warm Up! 2021 Styrian Grand PrixVisualizações 255 milDia atrás
0:35When Fernando Landed On Top Of Kimi! #Shorts
When Fernando Landed On Top Of Kimi! #ShortsVisualizações 275 milDia atrás
3:45Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen: The 2021 Battle So Far
Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen: The 2021 Battle So FarVisualizações 772 mil13 horas atrás
3:08Mayhem At Turn 1! | All The Angles | 2000 Austrian Grand Prix
2:49Good Lap vs. Great Lap, with Lando Norris | Styrian Grand Prix
4:29Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2021 French Grand Prix
Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 665 mil13 horas atrás
6:26Race Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
Race Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 5 mi13 horas atrás
25:36F1 LIVE: French Grand Prix Build-Up!
F1 LIVE: French Grand Prix Build-Up!Visualizações 487 mil13 horas atrás
4:26Drivers React After Qualifying | 2021 French Grand Prix
Drivers React After Qualifying | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 394 mil13 horas atrás
6:36Qualifying Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
Qualifying Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 3,3 mi13 horas atrás
2:46FP3 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
FP3 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 796 milDia atrás
7:02F3 Race 1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
F3 Race 1 Highlights | 2021 French Grand PrixVisualizações 236 milDia atrás


  • Man, Honda Formula 1 should really think about that engine deal with RB and Alpha Tauri

  • Yuki 😄

  • Seb engineer in imola 2020: On the data everything looks fine. The car was damaged Sainz engineer at Austria 2021: We can't see anything wrong with the car The throttle was stuck

  • It’s doesn‘t call Styrian in Austria it’s called Steiermark

  • Honda at Red Bull’s home race: *VTEC KICKED IN YOOOOOO*

  • The throttle sticking open should result in an immediate return to the pits, even if the data is at odds with the report from the driver. We saw what happened to Felix Rosenqvist a week or so back, it's simply too dangerous.

  • What Mazepin is doing?!?!

  • Sainz: Something is definitely wrong with the throttle. Ferrari: No. That is the new normal in Ferrari

  • Alonso has spun i dont know

  • Why is there two races in Austria??

  • Brrrrr...brrrrrrr... Grrrrrrrrrr. Honda crackle was satisfying.

  • I've said it before....I'll say it again.....Mercedes and Hamilton have no answer in 2021 for Mad Max and Red Bull. If they can limp Hamilton to the 100 victory mark, great. Otherwise, pack it in boys. 2nd in constructors and 2 or third in driver points still pays well. Focus on 2022. This year is over. But I still think Hamilton should quit F1. Come to America, drive some actual cars. You know....with engines, not "power units". With handling characteristics, drafting, PASSING, shifting a transmission with a stick in many cases. Instead of driving 4-wheeled computers, get in a car one time. Think you might find your passion for the sport rekindled.

  • This will be a golden weekend for red ball

  • Leclerc no to go in box

  • I hope after this season Honda decide to stay in F1.

  • Im gonna say it 1. Max 2. Checo 3. Gasly Honda triple lockout

  • B2b race's let s gooo

  • GIGA KUBI back on track <3

  • We want the lady commentator voice!! This guy seems not interested and lazy

  • Even Kubica is superior to Mazepin

  • Oh boy... Here we go Kubica again...

  • Alpine has stepped it up big time

  • Vettel yes doing spun speed up

  • Yall ain't complaining about it's the same old thing with Red Bull winning how yall was with Merc...

    • Seems you already are. And Merc hasn’t even lost, far from. You Poor sod.

  • I wonder if Alonso looks at that time table and thinks to himself "man, I wish I kept my mouth shut!"

  • I read it as Syria 😭

  • Aaaaaa alpha tauri on fireeeeee

  • Where is Raikkonen

  • Can somebody please explain to me how Alphatauri is doing so well? I mean I know it's only FP1 but that is some ridiculous pace right there! They only copied the rear suspension of last year's RB16 (Legally!) right?

  • Where's Raikonnen

  • go Honda 🇯🇵

  • Its official, Mazepin with 2 hands is slower than Kubica with 1

  • LOL had their times 'eliminated'. Jesus Christ calm down, just 'deleted' would be fine.

  • Of course I want Kimi to obliterate Giovi. And I think Kimi is better, even at 41. But Giovinazzi is clearly the most underrated driver on the grid. He is wickedly fast over 1 lap. I think drivers like Ocon and Gasly would struggle in qualifying against Giovi.

    • Oh hello Kimi fanboy and Fernando hater haven't seen u in a while

  • So Ferrari's launching an in depth investigation into their issues? Lemme guess, the response back was "We are checking."

  • Is there a moment Gasly is going to stop impress me? This guy is a monster


  • imagine a red bull 1-4.

  • Max VerstAlien!!


  • GO GO Yuki! GO GO Honda!!! Honda engine No1!!!!!!

  • Hopefully Lewis comes back to the top

  • Giovinazzi : "What Bottas is doing? He needs to give me back the position"

    • he cut the chicken

    • He cut the chickén!

  • mazespin did not spin!?!?!?!?!

  • Time deletion will be more in quali?

  • as a Honda fan im very exited

  • What happened to Kimi?

  • Really thought Ricardo would do better with Mclaren shame 😕

  • What about Ferrari again?!?!😡😠

  • Gravel and grasstraps, you love to see it.

  • GigaKubica :( where yo at

  • Please keep weekend warm up going! I can't believe it's only been a year, it's a definite early highlight of the F1 weekend! Very Glad to see Will back again too!

  • Kubica P19👏👏👏

  • its part of great ferrari master Blan

  • Alfa ahead of both Ferraris... poor Enzo

  • Gasly is hacking in the AT

  • Even Kubica is faster than Mazepin

  • no one gonna talk about yuki?

  • Mazepin with solid work there

  • When Ferrari can’t beat Mercedes legitimately:

  • 1:46 First time I've ever noticed Latifi on a racetrack


  • Thats beautiful coming home from school and getting f1 content

  • Bottas got all 3 purple sector on final run, but it was deleted.

  • Mclaren sandbagging once again.

  • Come on Mexican Tom Cruise 🤪👌

  • Mazepin is consistent!

  • Giovinazzi is very underrated

  • 角田くん!上位は狙わず5割で走って!応援してるけどいつの時代もF1ドライバーにチャンスは多くない。来年も再来年も応援したい!

  • Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes Lando, DannyRic is going to cream you from here!