The Never Ending Field!!!! Kelderman Corn Reel In Use.

Publicado em 4 Dez 2019
Watch the last 12 rows drop.
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  • Thanks for the video. For those of us who are not farmers, but like to watch farm videos, how about explaining how the equipment works. Or should work as the case may be. I did look up the corn reel. According to the manufacturer it works great with no problems. :) For that loose chain you had to adjust, I couldn't believe there was not a gear to take up the slack. That would be much easier than moving the entire assembly.

  • Is the Swede a family member? He does add to your video

  • i would like to thank my whole family but saftey first get it i do not like digging graves got it i hope so cause they will piss on yours from steuben;;;

  • the cow jumped over the moon lol;;;

  • hope u c the light in the sailor sky period;;;;

  • Saw a Gleaner with down corn and did a great job. Thanks for the video.

  • You can pick it up at Zoomz in the Mall

  • Banana skateboard soap take care of the dirt come on

  • Cornstar has the same problem with their's

  • You sure are cute!

  • Time for a new header, eh?

  • Poor baby!

  • looks like a major design flaw in that machine ... its gotta be frustrating

  • Great video thanks again

  • People don't realize how frustrating it is to have this stuff take so long. Time is money and you are not making much at this slow speed. Keep her between the rows Chet.

  • Suggestion Take a hand chisel an hammer an go around the cross auger an on leading shiney edge of auger hammer a sharp edge every 6--8 inches(sharp edge facing fronT THIS WILL HELP GRAB SMOOTHLY STALKS AN HELP EMENSLEY! i HAVE DONE THAT TO cASESP12--cASE600---wHITE7800 AN mASSEY .

  • Hello to the combiner driver at Larson Farms! Be proud of yourself! Best thing was that you were able to pull through! Nicely equipped John Deere. I run three Ford! In Northern Norway we do f.x. potatoes, milk, fishing, sheep and reindeer. On my little farm on the Prarie I grow potatoes and strawberries and pick cloudberries in my forest. On yhe other hand I am used to combining because my relatives Donald Olson (Skip Olson) in Parshall N.D. have a nice farm with neigbors Hedbergs and Belladeau. I had some good times on those farms in Parshall driving those combiners. Love watching the work being done!

  • To much WOAH is me, WOAH is me. You have the best job in the world with the best equipment in the world, with some of the best farmland in the world, and it doesn't appear as though you're hurting financially, so stop the whining. Look at some of the farming videos from some of the 3rd world countries and thank your lucky stars. Please take note of the air conditioned comfort these farmers have with their walk behind very few horsepower tractors.

  • Well done boy's

  • Love all the farming videos! Here's my little tribute to them: @xLzE


  • Check out carbon cowboys. The farmer/author Wendell Berry in 'The Unsettling of America' days that American agriculture is going down the wrong path with farming based on more and more technology where it is a race to the bottom in terms of producing the most monocrops at the cheapest prices: @

  • You can use a pump sprayer to put it on with

  • You need to try a mix of a product called mud of and baby oil on all the snout and it will help the mud not to stick 50/50 mix

  • You guys are amazing. Thanks.

  • One of the bosses?

  • Have they got no reversers back conine up turn the rell backward too. Keep going forward until its plugged how many times keep doing same thing. Yes put a pvc pipe over the reel shaft. Yes use sme " duct tape.onto the pvc. Shaft only turns inside. Like a pto cover. Seems to be working some what. Big fancy equip Years ago did this with no hated cabs etc. Seems they need a front cleaning reel type unit to put down when the back up to clean off the mud. Lift cleaner reel out of the way when going ahead again. So stop unloading the grain when in a problem area. Stop to unload if you have there is a grain tank on the combine. Some potatoe or beat harvestors even have hoppers. Too much " utube" thinking not enpough farming. Or just did it for utube Just like other bs media " ice truckers etc" .

  • The lodge field corn is a bit difficult to harvest but congratulations you are harvesting well 👍👍👌👌

  • 3.02 Your reel system will not work and only the spider reel will work properly

  • That's pretty good you plug the corn reel and someone else cleans it off

  • Good knight

  • Your accent sounds funny to me

  • A lot of folks are whining about how you are describing the problems you had. Those folks probably don't know the meaning of hard work. I feel your pain. I'm from TN and we used to put up several hundred acres of hay in round bales. Let me tell you your plugged up reel is nothing compared to a plugged up pick up head on a round baler. You will lose your religion in a hay field that is problematic to bale. Quite frankly I can't believe you made that whole vid with a single cuss word. LOL I couldn't have done that. LOL I love the video and really can sympathize with you and the problems you had. Glad you got the harvest finished.

  • 4:59 this is a piss poor excuse

  • Great to see the last twelve rows. 😃👌👏👏👏

  • 4:32 Just drill a hole in the center on the drive gear and stick a bolt and lock nut on it and it should hold it in place plus it will be removable in case yall need to remove that bracket. Just make sure to debur the hole

  • That corn reel is horribly inefficient...there’s got to be a better way.

  • Dont pull the chain to tight or you will strain the bearing's in the pump oh and its to wet and when its to wet corn can be thrown out the back

  • 26 minutes of "wine" without cheese. The viewers are the "reel" heroes here.

  • Try the old grain table trick, wrap the rotating shaft with small diameter pieces of drain tile so that the stalks don’t wrap. It’s what we did to keep wheat from wrapping around the reel on our grain table.

  • Take the reel off and push the forward speed it works with tick beans

  • Man if I was your employee and you sit on your ass like that in the cab waiting for me to fix everything so you could continue on with your BRdown video link just advice we wouldn't be employed with you very long

  • At 16:30ish does anyone else travel with so much gear join the military - infantry Military definition of portable - it has handles

  • Que joven está este chico y se la sabe de todo. Opera muy bien la máquina trilladora y hasta el trailer mis respetos. Ha de ganar muy bien como operador de la máquina y también de la trilladora. Guau. Guau. Desde Angostura, Sinaloa. México 🇲🇽

  • You are young and really hard working.. Keep it up.. Good job..

  • Great video. It's nice that us non farmers are able to see how much hard work goes into growing teh crops that ew depend upon!

  • cuando no le aplicas el veneno para la gallinita ciega esto es lo que pása

  • You will need to stop just before the header gets clogged, lift the header up and allow crop get into feeder housing, then move on. It will help save time as opposed to stopping and manually unplugging.

  • I saw one that the NINJGA STARS were LOTS more beefy... like looked ''billit'' solid chunk starting out... It looks like those black ones you got may be a weak point... ummmm totally unqualified observation within the first few seconds.... the one I saw was on like a big one, may have been like 16 row? don't know it was the BIGTRACTORPOWER channel ;) the ''NINJA STAR'' reel lifter thingies were GOLD COLOR ...

  • Does your a reverser button in your combine

  • You never give up! I like it. Thumbs up!

  • Try a Gleaner.

  • Too much whining. I'm out

  • Put the grain head on.

  • So lucky man that's something that some of us actually just dream of doing

  • Hopefully you won’t have that issue in 2020

  • Your first mistake is that dewalt gun. Milwaukee fuel more power longer battery life.

  • How much grain do you think was left lost on the ground?

  • Yup that field separates the operators from the steering wheel holders.fro the

  • As for your chain slipping, just drill a 1/4-1/2” hole through the plate that has the bolts you keep having to tighten up, then thread the hole. Then adjust the plate to the ultimate position you require, & drill a small hole. Now grind the tip of a bolt that fits the size of the hole you’ve threaded into a point to use as a set screw. Insert & tighten. Now your plate won’t work loose & slide back.

  • Don't get yours hands dirty kid. Got the old man out there fixing your plug........

  • Drives in dirt on a rainy day. "Well she's stuck" *Surprised Pikachu face*

  • I feel for you. Harvest shouldn’t be this tough.

  • Yeah, y’all need roll a cone. For sure!! It would save your year.

  • Y’all need a attachment on your headers made by a company called Roll-a-cone.

  • That looks like some wet corn! Good Video but that's the craziest header I have seen and unique!

  • Oh just brilliant... it starts to wad up lets just keep going so it winds up more and tighter

  • Your Attention to Detail is a Money Maker.

    • Your Grandpa is living Along with you.


  • Enjoying the show

  • Tienes que poner un par de pistones hidraulicos para levantar y bajar cuando sea necesario...

  • Tienes que poner un par de pistones hidraulicos para levantar y bajar cuando sea necesario...

  • Do your jaws, say thank the lord when you go to sleep????

  • You have a better understanding of perseverance and a strong work ethic than a $hit load of people your age.

  • I’m here because cole just got the same thing i feel bad 😂 i think his is more updated though...

    • I hope that Cole the Cornstar and Family have seen this...

  • That field looks like it made you a young man get a few gray hairs lol wow 😲.

  • Stop Winning

  • yay....I tried to be first to give my thumbs up...but was behind 9.5 thousand others!!!!!! :) :) :) will be able to view @ supper!! yay ya-hoo mt. dew!! :) :) Hi Eric!! :) :)

  • looks like Kelderman Corn Reel saved your ass - as per usual with all innovations you have to adjust to conditions and not impose your way of doing things onto it but the chillins these days have no sense of perspective

  • Been there, done that, seen that! No matter how much adjusting you do it's always gonna be a chore running thru anything down. We used to harvest milo that was flat and it wasn't much fun!

    • It seems like an awful lot of plant matter is going thru combine anyway ,,,wonder if the grain head would work

  • You can always make a tensioning mount for the chain will some angle iron & some all-Thread.

  • We have like 3,000 acres to farm and it all looks like this here in Iowa. This is going to be terrible!

  • After That DERECHO Nothing Will work to Design; With that said the Corn is Damp and the amount of downed corn is 10X higher than normal and the Corn reel is not designed for that high amount of corn and it is taking a beating as well. so yes it sucks but this is Farming Nothing is Textbook God Bless You

  • The corn helper is so stupid😂🤭. Its like anno 1970😂

  • I did a lot unplugging the corn head back in the 1960's and 70's. Now we plant better standing varieties and lower populations. Planting GMO Bt helped the most. We put 3/4" lock washers on the auger flights to help the stalk flow.

  • Ouch. No fun. My suggested mods to fix below, hope they are useful. Repurposing ideas from other machinery. - threaded rod to hold and adjust that corn reel hydraulic motor position. - knife cutting edges to cut the buildup around the corn reel (just throwing out an idea)

  • Go with a standard wheat header

  • These are not exactly the most expensive corn reels out there. There's definitely better one's but more costly versions. Once again the old adage comes to mind. "You get what you pay for"!

  • I was depressed for you the whole vid

  • You poor boy cab & air conditioning it’s just terrible !!!

  • You need to subsoil. The roots aren't getting deep enough. Just my opinion.

  • What is the thing in the back corner of the cab is that a camrea

  • I enjoyed it Chet but I see you didn't!

  • This kelderman corn reel seems flimsy. It should be beefier. Hope it was a good price.

  • 90% of Iowa farms will be experiencing this with their corn fields this year! Think may farmers have installed the corn real and will have to play around with getting it set up just right.

  • is it me.. is this kid kind of a twat..?

  • Couple strips of rubber in between those plates on that arm would really help with that slipping but some slipping is wanted instead of a machine breaking itself

  • the wire put on defore the scratch coat,does an excellent job cleaning the mud off the snouts

  • This came up on my recommended videos and I assumed it was from the 2020 derecho

    • This was last year's harvest 2019

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