Added 43 More Horsepower To The Planter Tractor

Publicado em 12 Abr 2020
Agro Eco Power comes out and tunes the corn planter tractor and the terragator.
Erik gets crafty and paints some semi tires.
Terragator gets alot of work done to her.
Soy green truck gets set up for the season.
The whole gang work on fixing a crushed fuel tank.

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  • I just seen the informants kits on a 8 203 interrogator and a John Deere tractor that's really something nice

  • So what does John Deere say about their modified tractors on a warranty plan?


  • Is that Tech guy from Eastern Minnesota?

  • tanks are tested to 5 lbs of pressure

  • Does this void the warranty?

  • Even better when reading the captions!

  • You would think they would have it on an usb stick or on a hard drive of some sort, ready to go and they could just plug it in and be done.

  • So did you notice measurable fuel savings after this tune ?

  • Bet your dealer is pumped you do that

  • Try adding heat, grain dust, air pressure, ear plugs, eye protection simultaneously and a wind sock so you’ll know which direction it will be departing

  • Are you tuning Nicole’s tools? and don’t forget that Dodge with the rotary shifter maybe they can tune the loose knut behind the wheel 😉

  • Fuel Tank... Isn't that a pretty stupid and dangerous thing to do.?🤔?. From a stupid person that is.!🧐!. Is this a silly/stupid question.?🤔?. Rich UK 🥰.

  • Hi lads, Just a quicky... How old, and how long have you had the powered sprayer.? It looks 'fairly' new to the untrained eye, and was just wondering. Love the vids.🥰. Keep'em coming.🥰. Rich UK 🥰🥰🥰

  • You're going to have to make a note of the fuel economy of one of your pieces of equipment, then, get it tuned, and do the same.🧐🧐. Then we can ALL see what the crack is.🧐🤔🧐....😭/🥰.

  • If 'THATS' how a 'tuned' engine starts and runs, then, I'll probably give it a miss eh.!🤔!. Ha.!

  • Without changing it.! How do you SINK IN an injector, and other 'physical' items.?🤔?.

  • This would maybe, be info from others you know that can tell us.! 🤔 Do you get any REAL, noticeable, difference in power.?🤔?. Something that you can feel in the fields.?🤔. And is it worth the fuel etc

  • Can you not simply do what us OLD TIMERS used to do with our cars, and, just CRANK UP the fuel pump 🤔🥰🤔.

  • I take it that this VOIDS any warranties you may have not already voided.?🤔🤣🤣🤔?.

  • Talking of Tuning a machine... You should try doing what the aircraft 'fitters' used to do, to expand the range of their aircraft, back during the 'Battle of Britain', in the second world war.! They used to polish the windshields of their individual aircraft, to try and get an extra 4 miles an hour out of the spitfire they were designated. This made the plane another 4mph quicker than their German counterparts, and was the SINGLE, most important, LEAST talked about, probably least accurate, act of the war, that actually WON it for us.!😲!. I THINK, this was true.! At least this is what my grandad told me, and he fought German, WILD bore during the campaign. 🤔🤣.

  • trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • So how do they dyno without a pto? Like with your Terra Gator or our 9460R w/ out a pto...just curious

  • Did you dyno the quad tracks when you got them tuned to? Lol would sure be a sight to see

  • Hahahah, still laughing at Dougo going to hit the tank with the sledge, but backing away when the tank crinkled

  • Prayer works!

  • Loved it!!

  • While working at Arnold’s Equip in 1974, my two cousins, brother and I were walking past the tire shop after lunch. Two men had a tall tractor tire in a tire cage. Hitting the tire trying to set the bead. The pressure was 97 psi when we stopped. They hit it with a sledge hammer a several times while I was watching. That was enough for me. I went to the next building and started back to work. About 20 minutes later we heard a LOUD explosion and thinking the shop was gone we ran back. The tire shop was still there and the pressure gauge read 103psi. It was the loudest noise I’ve ever heard. Pounding on steel tank very sketchy. Glad Y’all survived.

  • What does the Terra Gator do?

  • On that tank inflate to 3-5 lbs heat the bent area with a torch and it would push the biggest magority of the dent back out

  • When I worked offshore we had a lot of crushed tanks and one of the engineers from the office told me that as long as you didn't go much over 5 PSI that you were pretty safe.

  • you should have filled the tank with water and then tried to dent it with water pressure. If there is air, the tank will explode at some point and there will be injuries. Warm greetings from Germany

  • This is just an ecm flash using a new fuel map, the sales patter about everything syncing is pony! To be fair to the company the mapping is the intensive part but once you got it sussed then you use the same map over and over again for the same model of tractor, usually factory maps are programmed for compliance in several markets rather than performance. To do a proper tune they need to get the tractor rolling and measure AFR and adjust the fuel map to the specific wear characteristics of the engine. How much do they charge for a map update I wonder?

  • Hi there. Really enjoying your vids and your farming journey. I only recently discovered them so I'm not sure who us who. You are Chet Larson, that I know. How are the others related to you?

  • cheers men,thanks gnz

  • Chet- "Let her buck!!"- hoping for a great BRdown video when it blows... 😂

  • Can we trust their dyno ?

  • Maybe it was different angels of recording but it sounded like I could here the difference when he was throttling up

  • That video is awesome! 😂

  • Dude's crazy tapping on a pressurized tank like that

  • Dough a smart owner/operator/manager.

  • Did they Dyno the terra gator some how when they tuned it?

    • No, no possible way of doing that. But it is a noticeable difference in the field.

  • Chet and his face expressions 😂😂

  • 18:53 this is why woman live longer then man

  • Larson farms is really doin it

  • New here, came over somehow from the Millennial Farmer channel but glad I’m here! Great videos 🙌

  • Did y’all get combines tuned to get more HP from them?

  • Fill the tank with water and use the pressure washer.👍

  • Straightening the fuel tank..... What could possibly go wrong? Captain Al from Tampa😎

  • Can you do a complete farm equipment tour of everything implements tractors etc..

  • Chet’s face at 0:46

  • These Eastern European farmers have been hacking their own machinery for years. As soon as you couldn't fix it with just tools. I hope their programming reset is real good as the manufacturers can tell if it hasn't been done well and good warranty. There's a big "Rite to repair" movement for people to fix their own property without being beholden to the company's.Great vid as always.ThankQ.TkEZ>UK

  • Expanding that tank was insane no way I would’ve tried that

  • Holy cow! That was a crazy exercise banging on a pressurized tank. What was the wall thickness of the tank? You should have consulted with your local friendly structural engineer before trying this stunt.

    • For a 48 inch diameter tank with 3/16 inch tall you were at 320 psi longitudinal stress and 640 psi circumferential stress. Pretty low stress level.

  • Pressurising the tank with compressed air was the dumbest thing you guys have done., and you kept walking up to it. Hiding inside the shop would have done nothing, the tank would have come straight through the side of the shop. As if the medical folk are busy enough with Corona virus. We like you guys please don't kill yourselves. See Nick Chapin's comment, use water and control the pressure from a distance. Example "At a brewery, the base plate-to-shell weld seam of a 570 bbl / 90-m3 vertical cylindrical steel tank failed catastrophically. The 4 ton tank “took off” like a rocket leaving its contents behind, and landed on a van, crushing it. The top of the tank reached a height of 100ft / 30 m. The internal overpressure responsible for the failure was an estimated 9 psi 0.6 Bar.

  • I bet theae are the guys that tuned the VW diesel cars!! Ya?

  • Here...let me just tap this with the BFH.... (Whisper....tank goes ping) Whoa....nevermind....I am going back in the shop. 🤣😂

  • Thanks for another sweet video holy cow that dent worked most of it’s way out good job dougo stay safe

  • Trump 2020. Love the flag!!

  • You need to put Dougo on a t shirt

  • ✌️✌️✌️

  • Your gonna need a 5point harness so you don’t get whiplash

  • false economy to chip or modify tractors better buying the machine for the job !!! seen it cost a lot of money over the years transmission shafts engines etc by these companies plus it voids any warranty on a machine this is why the main agents have software now to check if any ecu ecm are tampered with can make a machine worthless come trade in time

  • Hey brother that will make a big big difference for sure on getting them turned up and I think it's great because your machine gets to work the way it was really meant to be a little more Hustle and a lot more muscle 10-4 my good brother... hey man that was cool pressure with the tank I wonder if you heated that big dent up pretty good and through a few pounds in it Maybe stretch it back out either way hell yeah man you guys are freaking awesome bro I'm glad to be on your Channel you be seeing a lot of me✊✊👍👍👍👍👊👊

  • I guess it's safe to say , Dougo strikes again. This time on the terra gator.

  • What a great tune up procedure. The key instead of just "increasing the pump rack" is the combination of the total integration process. Great idea. I'm an old retired driver that always tuned the racks on my Cummins 444. Love the tire coloring on the big rig. Keep up the good vids.

  • So what's the wheel size, height wise on that thing? 46r/38f? They look funky/out of proportion 😅🙈😅

  • Yeah I just can't get enough of that 8520/ 8.1L "bark". They just sound awesome! You think there's any chance you guys could post an uncut version of that Dyno pull? Just for the nerds like me😀

  • Cut your hair

  • It seems you have gotten rid of the snow. The planting season is on its way, 28 hours a day. By the way. Check out my latest video, if you want to watch a snowstorm in April.

  • Great video awesome info on the tune of the tractor! Has Dougo been at the steering wheel on the Terra gator also!! Lol

  • Nice 43 more hp that’ll save some fuel. Thought JD frowned on non JD techs in their software?

    • Only the new stuff I think soon you’ll need John Deere wrenches or warranty will be voided

  • Ingénieux système de réparation du réservoir à carburant et tout le monde y va de sa participation👍😉 Préparation moteur sur le tracteur, juste le top😍 C'est sur un tracteur neuf?

  • You guys use meixel truck sales he is really good we use him to

  • Overclocking tractors! So cool. I've overclocked my CPU and graphics card on my computers. It is amazing how much more performance you can safely get from stock mode.

  • I think another t track would be a great investment!! Then sell me the 8520

  • Can the software make the crown wheel, pinion and bearings grow bigger also. Lucky it’s John Deere though but start saving for a rebuild of the red ones.

  • I like to Trump 2020 flag

  • How did erik get the nickname big sweed

  • What did you tune you 600 quadtrack's up to

  • Love the trump 2020 flag at 17:07 !!!

  • Nice trump flag, I got one too

  • 17:08 love the flag😂

  • what do you suppose is the mawp on that tank? is there a label or tag on it or the manufacturer could tell you.

  • You should have use a garden hose water works like a charm much safer 👍

  • You must shook ur head up down 50 times in first 2 min aye 😂

  • Ok, Dougo, "Don't try that at home!" Good video Chet. Interesting how that Dyno process works.

  • Trying not to be a wet blanket here but you'd better hope that tech guy is healthy...6 feet!!! use your brain

  • Really a trump banner????

  • Are you going to have enough weight for the extra horsepower?

    • I’m not worried about it. A lot of hp on the planter goes to hydraulics.

  • I bet as soon as they start fieldwork dougo is gonna get the planter tractor stuck and also wreck the whole steering column

  • Gotta love that trump sign I had 18 in my yard called it the trump train plus I have the all aboard the the trump train flag

  • Dougo is one good teacher of farm equipment repair. I get smarter after each video!! Thanks .

  • Was Dugo in the Terra gater and awesome job on the tank I'd use it for fuel again 👍🍻

  • Entertaining, yes. The PTO into the van is super cool. Your northern accent is , as always, refreshing to listen to. full speed ahead !!!

  • I have heard horror stories about people Turning up the power on tractors with chips. What you did is the better option for your machine and the budget. We run a johndeere 8420 that we had tuned to be able to pull our chisel plow. We purchased a 500 quadtrac last week for pulling our 40 foot digger and brillion packer . We are runing a case 1245 planter for beans and a kinze 3600 central fill interplant planter for both corn and soybeans. . We planted 60 acres of soybeans as a test on tues. Nice video stay safe and farm on my friends!

  • Love your Trump 2020 banner!!

  • Great video Chet love the content. You guys are fun

  • Good thing that was a Ford van not a dude(dodge).