[BTS Universe Story] Official Trailer

Publicado em 14 Set 2020
First reveal for the full official BTS Universe Story trailer!
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  • i purple you BTS 💜

  • wait wait HOW and WHEN did they film all of these scenes of them being so young?! Don't tell me BigHit is THIS farsighted

  • This isn't a trailer but a whole fucking movie

  • this is for us to kill ???? because I cried bro THAT EMOTION

  • ameiiiiii

  • I love how Jin was the main character in this trailer his acting skills are awesome I almost cried when I saw the tear dropping down from his eyes

  • I think they’re implying towards whole movie 🧚🏻‍♀️ Omg, we will be so blessed. I like the idea of part of it as animation. It seems more like traces, photos, memories or dreams 💫 Like space of unconsciousness or psychic reality, very Carl Jungian Individuation. He said , individuation isn’t about an individual, that is why, it’s a group (of archetypes) 💜 “Love all seven of us, without leaving anyone behind.” Wholeness and union of ALL or Self/God/Christ archetype is the goal of individuation. It’s also the lapis, the stone that transform base metals to Gold ☀️

  • Oh mh God it is only the beginning of the video but seokjin is already smiling soo sweetly i know right away this will become SENTIMENTALLLL

  • Why is this not a movie!👁👄👁😔❤❤❤❤✨✨✨ luv it

  • wym game this is a movie

  • im

  • Hmmmm.Namjin

  • BTS is the most precious and valuable gift for Army's given by god Thanks god for seven wonders #Btsdynamitecommercialversion #dynamiteblackpinkversion Official'MV'

  • 😍❤😘🤗😊

  • ENGLİSH ---Hello everyone, we are together in a new BTS review, BTS is ahead of us today with a 10-minute envi. In this imagination, there is music suitable for images and scenes mixed with Amalsyon, that is, there is no word on the wheel. Now let's do a chronological ranking.At the beginning of the film, we see a commotion around RM, the 1st group of people try to throw them out of their houses, burn them and intimidate them. The 2nd group builds and beats them. Some 0:37 notes appear when mixed secretly. In that notebook, the names belong to the houses that need to be demolished or burned. The father of the jinn may be a mafia, these events are related to the father of the jinn. Meanwhile, in a painting seen in the back, people seem to be fighting a death war on a raft. The raft represents a house that people don't want to leave. Just like the people around RM, 0:49 jin warns his friend in this scene.Jin had already predicted that this would happen, so he was not shocked by Rm's death 1:39 , he just thinks about what to do. Meanwhile, a different size is switched to 1:50. The cat seen on TXT also shows up. There are two differences in this cat's eyes. This shows that he is a superior cat that can switch times. There is a deal here 2:22. RM can save but he says a soul has to pay.As soon as you accept. After the genie accepts this time travel begins, I need u finds in the lock. According to the time discrimination, Jin's friends do not see him 2:50 Cannot be touched and they do not feel genius in them 2:53. Then Jin continues to travel. Here we see BTS scenes in the mood. 3:08. And the hatch goes carelessly. the end of MV, we see THIS SCENE 10:00 THAT YOU DRAW THE MOMENT OF THE ACCIDENT.It was the spirit he would give 7:28 , they said that even though he sacrificed kook at this time, he would xilas with the rm and his friends in the final scene 9:50. The reason why I don't see them is that they are in a different dimension. That is why they disappear as they approach their friends, they are in different dimensions 10:10 , if you say there are 6 signs in the photo 9:14 . Now the number of people is 7. It meant that the cat keeps his word. The continuation of this scene continues at the end of the lock. We do not see him laughing at the end, but he is at the beginning of the MV. 00:15. END

  • Jin's expression made me cry 😢 😢

  • Its making me cry!!!!!


  • Maybe it's about Jin leaving for The ARMY service 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😳😳😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Please tell me this is free.

  • I cried a stone like me i cried seeing this

    • Please anyone teach me how can i understand this entire bts universe theory thing cos idk anything can someone explain all of these please :((

  • Wow BTS 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Dude Jin's acting is so good, I started crying idk why

  • DUDE Jin is really good y9

  • I want a translation.

  • That kid is so lucky to hug namjoon

  • It makes me cry happily it touched my heart core

  • Worldwide handsome needs to be in a series or a movie...we want actor Seokjinie👏🏻

  • If BTS being disney movie . It will be successful!

  • no one: literally no one: half of the comment section: "who wants to see jin in a kdrama 👇"

  • OMG!! Why was she so surprised to see J-Hope with his leg in a cast?

  • still sad there is no English or any subs :(

  • 1:25 when the camera so close and so good you can see rm contact ring lol

  • Love you guys #army

  • Me: Getting jealous of that kid that hugged Namjoon👁👄👁

  • Please anyone teach me how can i understand this entire bts universe theory thing cos idk anything can someone explain all of these please :((

    • to understand the story, you need to read the webtoon "save me" and HYYH The notes book (in wattpad)

  • Ayuda, no entiendo nada...

  • Is no one gonna talk abt rm hugging the very lucky boi

  • Theories- And here wo go again...

  • So dainty!!