Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Publicado em 16 Jun 2009
Music video by Taylor Swift performing You Belong With Me. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC
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  • Wait, is that MacGyver? Or is it Havoc from the X-Men movies?

  • Y'all have taste if you're watching this in 2020

  • You belon with me morlike You melón with me XD 😋

  • Taylor swift is a legend

  • Omg

  • Uy si como si esas cosas pasarán

  • Ok taylor it's 11 years now yet we still come back🤤😢😂

  • eu aq 11 anos dps

  • Noticing for the first time that she's not just "on the bleachers", she's in the band. 🤔 I guess that makes sense 🥰

  • Be safe while listening to this splendid song😊

  • This has 1billion views somehow

  • But you can choose another if you want

  • Oo that big eye roll. 1:43

  • i kinda feel bad for the brunette

  • Live from Nagaland-India

  • I like this guy but I am so scared to tell him but this helps me

  • I have never been to a concert and if I could I would go to yours

  • Wow, when this song came out my parents didn’t let me watch a lot of BRdown, but I was in middle school when this was released. I remember thinking my crush was the ONE at the time and didn’t know where to go when I found out he didn’t like me back. I think my fiancé rn is very glad that I could collect myself after such heartbreak LOL

  • You look so cute with glasses you should keep them there so cute :D

  • 🥰

  • OMG I was 1 when she made this


  • Might use this song for a BRdown video

  • Like si extrañas este tipo de videos de tylor

  • So pretty :)

  • After 11 years I am watching this I just love your voice

  • it’s already been 11 years... time goes too fast :(

  • Love you Taylor This song remind me my 1st crush when I was child ...


  • First country song to reach this number ,she really did reinvent this genre

  • I fvcking borned in world not knowing that boys name

  • she was 19 when she made this dang

  • I was 1 month when this was posted

  • I love your songs Taylor Swift ❤️❤️😍😍

  • They are so perfect for together tho

  • amo

  • 0:18 back when texting wasn't a thing

  • This song she gets the guy Almost every other song she sings about break ups

  • To the thumbnail of this video,I am ok.

  • more than 10 years has gone by but got recommended to me again, I guess you belong with me