Unlocking & Fully Maxing EVERY Brawler Costs $??? | Insane 50,000+ Gem Mega Box Opening!

Publicado em 7 Ago 2020
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Brawl Stars Unlocking Every Brawler & Maxing Them! Huge 50,000+ Gem Mega Box Opening!
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Today we get an insane amount of Gems 50,000+ and then open over 600 Mega Boxes getting every Brawler from boxes that we can! That means every Mythic, every Legendary brawler and every Chromatic brawler at once! Plus, dont forget we gem all the Star Powers and Gadgets!
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  • Idoit

  • Bt1: one day power play would be so good Brawl stars: y’a no

  • 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Ben this is a power play account... power league be like ima ruin this mans career

  • Me getting leon at 14.5k be like.......

  • Lol like a bots acc ı wish ı had that acc

  • my friend maxed out hes account with only 800 bucks

  • gadget meme complication

  • Trophies

  • I have leon and i only have 7587

  • Ben in 2020 thinking something cool is coming for power play Me in 2021 after power play got removed :l

  • I like to call mr p mr pp lol

  • whats cool is i got a nine and i got crow sandy leon and max in a mega box lol

  • I feel bad for Ben's wallet 😭

  • Ben should just call lex then lex will call his boy CROW

  • brdown.net/top/X2mkec7Qh3dpbpM/video

  • Yes ya

  • me: LOL RIP MONEY ben: >:(

  • 2:55 Naruto is coming! :D

  • You need a MrBeast, man...

  • me: at 30k no legendary sadness Bentimm1: Leon before poco me: :

  • I hape crow ane Sandy

  • Supercell was happy about this video cus youre feeding them harddddddd

  • 2300000000000 dollars in a nderstatement

  • Him getting Leon just at the beginning of brawls stars me after 1 year : GIVE MEEEE A LEGANDARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • How does he have BROCK? He is at 1k

  • why r p2ws lucky is that just bc ur paying them to play im f2p >:(

  • Like i think i am the luckiest man i just got like 3 years ago 4 BROWLER   🇮​🇳​   1️⃣ MEGABOX It wa   🇵​🇦​🇲​⚫​​​ 🇲​🇴​🇷​🇹​🇮​🇸​​ 🇷​🇮​🇨​🇴​ ​ 🇧​🇦​🇷​🇱​🇪​🇾​ THE COOLEST THING

  • BenTimm1’s Wife: Honey! We’ve spent so long saving up our money, now we can buy a car! Him: nah

  • I love this vid this is my 100th time watching it

  • I have to skip and skip FOR 1000000000 TIMESSSSSSSS


  • I’ve never played that game but it seems like it’s pay to win lmao

  • 2.5 thou

  • If you ask me,maxing out a bs account is mostly about luck

  • PLUS ULTRA !!!

  • Wow this is was when there was only 38 brawlers now there is 45 but belle and squeak when they come out will make it 47

  • Who is here in 2021?

  • How crow was my first legendary

  • brdown.net/top/nnuzZdjIhYGhsNI/video

  • Imagine having all the legendarys mystics epics...but not have all the trophy road brawlers except brock

  • Just I use you support

  • Crow was my first brawler

  • You didn't use code bt1

  • 😡liar

  • Lol he got crow last and I got crow at my first mega box

  • I luv u ben

  • You should play on this account and wreck some noobs

  • Leon is so good

  • 3000

  • Ben: First super rare Darryl: Are you joking or something

  • Crow crow crow crow crow crow crow

  • 500000

  • Um

  • Poco heal

  • My god i just heard a rumor if you use a code thats not bt1, the code you used IS GONNA HUNT YOU AND KILL YOU SLOWLY STARTING WITH YOUR PHONE.

  • I youse you re code bt1

  • 1200

  • See i have 3 maxed brawlers and I only need crow nothing feels like the pain of getting a star power or gadget

  • True story my friend got spike b4 rico, and he got rico at 10k trophies XD

  • Main this as your account

  • Idk why but I love this video I watch it like 5 times because it’s satisfying

  • Just don’t level up your brawlers until you have all of them, because you then you have more chance to pull a brawler beforehand

  • ¦|

  • 4000

  • notice. he has a my hero academia shirt

  • But u didn't maxed the trophy road ones hmm

  • That’s a lot of damage to your credit card

  • 1000

  • Respect for ur money Use code: bt1

  • Bt1: another mythic! Me: that... was your 1st one

  • Dad why can I not go to college

  • Ben:*sees leon* Takes off glasses and has another pair of glasses🤣

  • GaDgEt

  • :O i wish i had leon

  • i heard a dog ruffing in the backround lol

  • Guys I literally have no legendaries

  • Bt1: by's Spike Me:18k trophies only legendary is Spike (me: so sad

  • Me:no legendary’s You:getting 2 legendarys in 1 vid Me:getting in 2 years still not a legendary brawler

  • I have played brawl stars for like 2years and I still dont have Frank or a legendary

  • And I don’t have a single legendary at 10k trophies

  • 32 000

  • Me who gets Leon as my 2th brawler

  • Ben: We are on a new account with 0 brawlers Shelly: What? 😥 Background: That one there was a violation 😂

  • I was in your game a long time ago your trash

  • Wow and I just my 90th star power today and well this video does not make me feel good😔 that’s a whole 02 Honda I coulda got

  • Did anyone notice to my hero academia "plus ultra" on his t shirt

  • 5300$

  • 啊這(看看自己的錢包(ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

  • I have every skins in brawl stars and didn’t spent a dollar

  • It’s funny how first gadget was brock and first star power was brock lol

  • i keep winning with pam

  • 4:13 dragon ball z

  • I love you


  • 30 k

  • 1000023

  • My legendary chance is 0.0208 and for 2 years I haven’t got a single legendary