My Decaying Mind in Quarantine

Publicado em 8 Ago 2020
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  • Can you and Jaiden kiss? Repost this as much as possible if you agree.

  • 4:06 are we going to ignore the things he looked up 😂


  • I have one thing in common with James. I was a bedwetter intill I was 8 years old.

  • Mom said its my turn to get pinned!

  • I got the James plushi

  • I'm getting cafe chaos for my birthday

  • sjsjs

  • hey you can stop using your dog for toilet paper if come to our house we can give you loads of toilet paper😉

  • what happen to you

  • Hola soy la omong la naoki verde

  • can you please make more videos😥😥😥😢😢💔💔

  • *Ahhhh.. The Beatiful sound Of Coronavirus.. Ahhh*

  • Where has he gone

  • james puedes hacer un vídeo halando español ahahahahah

  • You hav the same amount of subs as Gordon Ramsay

  • I wish he would upload soon er

  • subscrib hes so fuuny

  • I get it James, I geeeet it

  • Furry

  • Hi James!

  • Is his name James? I haven’t watched him in at least 5 months lol

  • I have a BRdown channel

  • James died Of jamespox

  • Sssniperwolf has did a vid on David and lanna

  • Can you end your videos with wear a mask instead?

  • .-.

  • Habla en español

  • That’s me in quarantine

  • do you read warrior cats? I saw your old video “Names For Your Kids: Day 9” and one of the boy names was “firepaw” and I immediately thought of warrior cats, so do you read it?

  • ‘Garbage tv’ Me- *watching wolves make puppies* ‘this is where quarantine has brought me’

  • Do you play Minecraft

  • I am a huge fan can you shout me i subbed to you and I turned on notafactions I don't know how to spell during Quaratine it has been bad

  • 4:00 did anyone see the tabs XD

  • Hey theOdd1sOut i drew you idk how to send you the photo

  • 4:06 if you look up it says girlfriends cudling and playing. Man quarantine has messed up James mind

  • Alguien.....habla español

  • Good job on working out bro

  • Am I the only one who thinks James would be a good L.E.A.D teacher?

  • Hi theodd1sout I was in a car crash 2 months ago and back thin I did not when my seatbelt but on the day the car crash happened I had when my seatbelt AND THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE THANK YOU SO MUCH