Incríveis Máquinas de Agricultura Moderna e de Alto Nível como você nunca viu ▶ 5

Publicado em 25 Mar 2020
Você sabia que estas máquinas existiam na para ajudar na agricultura e pecuária?
O conteúdo dos nossos vídeos é para entretenimento e as informações contidas são para que você saiba o que está passando na tela e tenha algum valor educacional.
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Incríveis Máquinas de Agricultura Moderna e de Alto Nível como você nunca viu ▶ 5


  • I like your video's, but could do without the annoying music.

  • Cadê a voz do narração.

  • 기계값이 수억원은 할듯 !

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  • 섬나라 한국은 땅이 지랄같아서 저런걸 쓸수도 없어

  • Дух захватывает от такой техники

  • Дух захватывает от такой техники.

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  • Traduzcan los subtitulos al español latino.

  • Muito massa, gostei

  • Thanks Tantum 🌹💞❤🦋

  • Great music 👏

  • Техника на грани фантазии.Нет слов для восхищения!!!

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  • 发达国家的农业机械化水平真是太高了,发明者总是能创造出那么多出乎意料的机械设备。为什么中国人就发明不出来呢?应试教育把小孩子的脑子教残了吗?丧失了创造力?不知道西方发达国家的这些发明家的创造动力来自哪里?

  • :50 - What are those things the machine is picking up? I don’t recognize them.

  • Que merda em

  • mto bom

  • Then you think how much we pay for just one yam or a hand full of onions at the grocery store. A double tandem truck of potatoes is someone's life time income.

  • Que máximo!!!

    • Obrigado pela visita e comentário, Monica. Esteja sempre bem!

  • Mantaap bro

  • Schrute farms does it all by hand.

    • I am disappointed at the lack of Schrute Farms comments.

  • Muito bacana! Sou fã desse canal.

  • actually it is a WW2 German tank, which was made by Baldewin G. in 1945. It was very modern (it included very special technology which was assumed as alien technology). Baldewin was killed by the British because he was so smart but his wunderwaffe tank survived. It is rare footage from American testing labor (ohio) where they search for forgotten german technology.

  • トランスフォマー出れそう

  • Para hacer agricultura de alto rendimiento

  • Great.

  • Holeee crap! Why the loud and obnoxious clang-twang guitars? Ruined the video.

  • Great deeds from the human mind. 🌹🌹

  • Amazing don't need people from Mexico no more takes money to make money I know it's expensive but will produce prices go down there's all kinds of government programs to get this equipment farmers get kickbacks don't get me wrong they earned it long hours hard work still but it's the American way

  • Also give machine details in description.

  • Where are you from?? How can I rent a one of those machines?

    • Sorry, friend. We don't rent the machines. Search google for "agricultural machinery rental companies". I believe that the options closest to you will appear. Anyway, I appreciate your visit. Always be well!

  • Very educative, how can I buy some of these equipments.

  • like

  • Hey. Please show me the onion harvesting machine

  • Someone is in the cotton harvester. 8:23

  • Great vids, I could watch these all night!!! We use a Pneumatic Drill that has a several hundred gallon seed supply plastic tank and an air system blows the seed into the dirt rows. You can plant a 160 acre wheat field as fast as you can drive the tractor, any field for that matter until you run out of seed on our farms in South Dakota. I will get the exact specs for you next time. They grow a heck of a lot of beets here in Idaho and I'd like to see what they use around here.

    • Thanks for the visit and the comment, Frank. Always be well!

  • 08:40, wenn der Bauer mit den Verlusten leben kann. Witschaftlich ist das sicher nichts. 10:20, der Traktor muss rückwärts rangieren. Der Ingenieur ist ne Lachnummer.

  • Beet loader, huh? I have no idea why that's so funny to me, but it is. Beet loader! Beet loader! Beet loader! "How's your beet loader?" "Oh, fine. Thank you for asking."

  • That cotton picker is kinda out dated two row really . We do 6 rows roll it out the back of cotton picker in a round roll ready for pickup

  • Beet collector? How did they all get there? Why did they dump them there instead or taking them to the correct place?

    • We are going to research beet harvesters to put in our next video on agriculture. Thanks for the visit and for the commentary. Always be well!

  • Control and clean weeds? I don't think so. It's just layering the road with mud.

  • Amazing video

  • Cotton harvested in the SE US is bundled tightly into a bale about twice the length of the load seen here. It's also baled into cylinders. Later, usually within a day or two, a truck will come to collect the harvest and take it to the gin. Cotton is, and has always been, a staple commodity here.

    • There are different types and sizes of harvesters for cotton and other products. Perhaps, in the next video on agriculture, we will have a video with North American cotton fields, which are really beautiful. Thanks for the visit and for the commentary. Always be well!


  • Wow kan?,baru cantik kebun sayur dan bidang pertanian setiap satu product daripada satu syarikat bukan bercambah senang pantau...begitu juga bahagian penternakan daripada satu ladang untuk semua,teratur dan lebih kemas...bukan ikut negeri dan kariah dipecah belahkan macam bangunan yang disembah itu...kan Malaysia?..

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